This is a program that allows a person to track time against version one automatically.


  • Requires .NET 3.5 or above.
  • Tested on XP, Vista x86, Windows 7 x64.
  • The TimeTrack.V1 is licensed under the LGPLv3.





  • If you computer goes idle then it will pause the timing and allow you to choose whether the idle time should be tracked against the task or not.

Decrements ToDo

  • ToDo decrease’s as you acquire time. By default this is on, though it can be turned off via the settings.

Tree View of Stories and Tasks

  • Shows a list of the teams stories and tasks for a particular sprint.

Updates VersionOne

  • Automatically updates VersionOne with your time as it is being tracked. You can set the time interval in which VersionOne gets updated.

Idle Notification

  • This will pause the time and wait for your input on whether the idle time should be tracked against your task or not.

Edit Tasks

  • Edit a task right within the tool with out having to go to VersionOne.  You can edit by right-clicking on the task.

  • Edit Status, To Do, and Effort as shown below:


Login Help

If VersionOne is setup so your domain login is the same as when you log into VersionOne then you can log in using the Windows integrated security. Basically it uses your currently signed-in username and password instead of having to enter it again.

5 thoughts on “TimeTrack.V1

  1. I was working on getting it published to GitHub. I can still do that… will take me a week or so. Are you interested in improving it, fixing it, something else?

  2. I’am getting an error :
    Issue Occurred.
    Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

    What can it be?

  3. Fred,

    Oh, no! I am thinking I need to upgrade the V1 SDK to the new version. I was all set to open source this thing and then my laptop got stolen 🙁 I still have the back up of everything so hopefully I can try to do that soon.

    – Ryan

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