Error starting Sun’s native2ascii: In Grails

If you are seeing this error what I would recommend is to add the JDK jars to your eclipse “Installed JRE”. This will then use the JDK for developing Grails rather then using the standard JRE.

To change to using the JDK in Eclipse

  • Go to Window -> Preferences.
  • Select Java -> Installed JREs
  • Click “Add” button
  • Go through the wizard to add your downloaded JDK
  • Select your newly added JDK back at the main window

Then you should be good to go!

Eclipse Helios

The new version of Eclipse is out!

Eclipse Helios

Here is a demo of the new Java features which is interesting to watch.

There are a lot of nice additions!

A couple things I have noticed so far:

  • Support for formatting Annotations correctly!
  • It has added additional out-of-the-box support for JavaScript.
  • I was able to creat a new JavaScript formatter!  I have been waiting for this feature so that our whole team can use the same formatting options like the Java formatter.
  • I would not recommend installing Aptana yet as it is not fully compatible with the new version of Eclipse.
  • I would recommend creating a new workspace if you previously installed Aptana.  Otherwise, you will get errors trying to find Aptana specific settings (as it is not installed).