WordPress API Unauthorized – API calls to this blog have been disabled

This isn’t a long post and it’s really straight forward fix but I did not find anything else on the internet that directly answers this problem.  So I am hoping that this will help someone else out there as it’s a simple fix.

In my case I am:

  • Using Jetpack
  • Self-hosted site

I was receiving the error:

{“error”:”unauthorized”,”message”:”API calls to this blog have been disabled.”}

In order to fix it:

  • Disconnect the Jetpack plugin
  • Reconnect again.

Fixed the issue!

Default Visual Studio to Local IIS For Debugging

If you have a visual studio project setup in a way that you need to run from a local IIS rather then the IIS express that starts within Visual Studio then there are some quick ways to default your debugging to automatically point to the local.

  • On your project, right-click and go to “Properties”
  • Click on “Web”
  • (optional) Click on “Don’t open a page.”
  • Under servers, Select “Local IIS”
  • In the text box “Project Url”, make sure the correct url is entered for your website.
  • Save and you’re done.

Visual Studio Debug Local IIS

Sencha Touch 2 Showing Old Data After Refresh on Production

I am not totally understanding why even after updating production and seeing the correct delta’s that I am seeing the old site information.

For now: I have figured out that you can clear the local storage in google chrome (very easy to do).

On my andriod device I needed to do the following in the browser url bar:


This would then allow me to see the newest production site.

I am hoping this problem is because I have been messing around and deleting the production base. Guessing I will learn more once I get closer to actually putting it in production!

NTP Sync on Android

For some reason my android G2x phone started giving me the completely wrong date.  I am not sure if the network provider Natcom is sending the wrong date or what.  I switched to syncing using NTP.  So far so good.  All I needed to do was point it to the right server which was the following:


Then it synced right up to the correct time/date for my location!