Protractor – Timed Out After 11 Seconds – Continuous Polling

Timed out waiting for Protractor to synchronize with the page after 11 seconds. Please see

When first trying to setup protractor, I came across this error which is well described in the aforementioned link.

It mentions, if your application continuously polls $timeout or $http, it will never be registered as completely loaded. You should use the $interval service (interval.js) for anything that polls continuously (introduced in Angular 1.2rc3).

This makes complete sense.  In the app that I am currently working on, there is legacy code which needs to be rewritten in order to achieve the use of $interval.

For now, I want to do a proof-of-concept without re-writing code.  So in this case, a timeout is used in order to do continuous pulling.

The temporary solution I used was “browse.executeScript()” function available with protractor.  Since we are able to access angular, we can go and get the service and stop that service.  This then allows protractor to know the page is initially done loading since there are no longer any JavaScript timeouts left.


var injector = angular.element(document.body).injector()
var service = injector.get(‘SomeService’);


Story for backlog – using $interval instead of $timeout in polling service.

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