Printing Labels from a Zebra LP2824 Printer in Erply

We are beginning to use Erply system for inventory. By the way, it is a fantastic system! Anyway… we were wanting to get the Zebra LP2824 Plus printer working here in Haiti. ¬†Unfortunately, at this time of writing, there wasn’t an option to print a 2 1/4″ x 1/2″ label in Erply. ¬†No problemo!

Erply recommends that you use Firefox (which is a great browser РI happen to switch between Google Chrome and Firefox).  So if you are using Firefox then you can head over and install Greasemonkey addon.

Then you can install the greasemonkey script for printing the barcode labels:

To use: You will need to pick “Barcode label (90mm x 14mm). The next page will automatically size the image and barcodes to fit the 2 1/4″ x 1/2”.

This script makes the label large enough so that the iPad Point of Sale application will be able to scan the barcode printed. Most barcode scanners will work but the label wasn’t large enough for the iPad to scan it.


– This script is made specifically for printing only EAN-8 labels. If you want to print EAN-13 you will need to adjust the script manually.

– Won’t work if you want to print the mass of the item on the label.

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