Sencha Touch Disable Default Caching on JS Files _dc

I didn’t find much documentation on it, though I probably just missed it somewhere 😀  If you are using Ext.Application for building up your Javascript files then you will want to know how to disable the nocache mechanism that is setup by default.  You will notice that the files have *.js?_dc=<insert timestamp number here>.  It’s simple to fix this problem.

enabled: true,

Just add the disableCaching to false and your good to go!

7 thoughts on “Sencha Touch Disable Default Caching on JS Files _dc

  1. Dude, you are awesome. Thanks for sharing – my other alternative was hi-jacking the ext-all.js, which I really hate to do.

  2. still problems!

    In the most simple startup without packaging, using smallest library, ext.js :

    Hello Ext

  3. This only works when I switch to using sencha-touch-all.js.

    Why doesn’t sencha-touch.js observe this setting?

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