Natcom Haiti Phone Setup

The newest phone carrier in Haiti is Natcom.  It is a bit cheaper then the competitors.  I switched over because the internet had a pay-as-you-go service which I liked.  Natcom is also offering 3G and 4G.  I didn’t believe it at first but after running a speed test on it, I did in fact verify that it was truly doing 4G.

Natcom has four different plans for Haiti:

  • MI-1.  This is for paying 2.4 HG per Mb.
    • $0.06 per Mb.
  • MI-2.  You pay 80 HG for 50 Mb. $2 US
    • 1.6 HG per Mb or in USD $0.04 per Mb.
    • Charges you 2.4 HG per Mb after you use the 50 Mb.
  • MI-10.  You pay 400 HG for 600 Mb. $10 US
    • 0.8 HG per Mb or in USD $0.02 per Mb.
  • MI-U.  You pay 800 HG for unlimited.  $20 US
Now thinking through a scenario.  Let’s say you do use 500 Mb per month.  MI1 plan would cost you: $30.  Where as the MI-10 would cost you only $10.  Much better deal!


How do I sign up?

  • First you need to get a SIM and then activate it by calling another person.
  • Once you have activated your SIM then start adding on minutes.  You will need to add on the amount of which the plan requires in order for you to activate the internet on your phone.
  • Text the MI<number of plan> to 132.  So for MI-10 you would type “MI10”.
  • You will receive a text back to which you need to reply either YES to confirm or NO to cancel.
  • Once you type YES – you are all set to use 4G service in Haiti!

The way that the plan works is that it will renew with that same plan next month.  So whichever plan you pick it will keep it for the next month and charge you accordingly.

How do I change plans?

You can change plans at any time.  To cancel your plan you can type OFF to number 132. When you change plans it will pro-rate your plan based on how far into the month you are.

If you want to change plans – It is recommended that you text the code you want *before* the beginning of the next month.  Once the first of the month begins Natcom will automatically try to deduct the amount of your currently subscribed internet plan.


If you are having trouble getting the Natcom Haiti internet working it may be because you need to enter the Natcom APN.

Natcom APN: natcom
MCC: 372
MNC: 03

*You may or may not need to enter the MCC and MNC. Some phones seem to find it automatically.


* Updated March 1, 2013 – Added in How do I change Natcom Haiti plans and the “Trouble?” section

79 thoughts on “Natcom Haiti Phone Setup

  1. I have magic jack plus and will be traveling to Haiti next month, what will I need to carry with me in order to call my family I the states? Is there a special type of router I can buy here in the states? Also can I use my andriod tablet whole I’m in haiti

  2. I followed this advice and I appreciated it but it also just cost me a ton of money. I stopped the MI plan to switch to the unlimited just today (had the MI plan for only 3 days) and decided to switch back to MI because unlimited connectivity ain’t any better where I’m at. So I called tech service and customer service and they say they do not prorate…and, there is no way to get the money back. So I payed like 28 bucks to spend 5 minutes on a dial up speed internet. My bleeding heart hurts and so does my wallet. Any suggestions?

  3. Hello! I stand by in p.Port au Prince.And use Natcom Internet Connect to M1 plan.Yesterday my speed for download was about 315 kbs.Today no more 50kbs
    (from 2230 to 2340lt was 160 kbs) Can you explain me why?

  4. Hard to say. If it’s during peak usage times I have found that it can be slow. Usually they don’t throttle your speed unless you are on the unlimited plan.

  5. I need unlimited plant to call Haiti from difrend Number but to recieved a call from Haiti I wants give access to only one number to call me if is passible please tex me the information an d price for monthly paymt 786 277 0247 thanks

  6. I need unlimited plant to call Haiti from difrend Number but to recieved a call from Haiti I wants
    give access to only one number to call me only if is passible please tex me the information an d price for monthly paymt 786 277 0247 thanks

  7. Hi Ryan,
    I am with the 3G mobile.Every 10 or 15 minutes I have to reconnect!!!
    What do I do ,or,what can Natcom do for me. It’s really enoying..really !
    My 3G number is : 33436219. PLEASE HELP .

  8. Do you know where I can find instructIons in English for cell phone International calling plans?
    Also, I have an unlimited plan on a jumpdrive for my laptop. Is that the reason it operates so slow.?

  9. Most likely you have used up the “fast” speeds for the month and it is throttling you. It’s a bummer but that is the way it works. I know the feeling very well. Your not in Kansas anymore 🙂

  10. Is it possible to buy a NATCOM microSIM card for iPhone? Does NATCOM have pre-pay system?

  11. The Natcom store will trim the card down for you to the micro sim. They do have a pre-pay system. That’s how most people do it in Haiti.

  12. I just got my brother in law the unlimited plan how can he check how much he has used because it is not actually unlimited it is 3.5 gb. thanks

  13. I need unlimited plant to call Haiti from different Number but not to received a call from Haiti. plan monthly. How can i get this service please?

  14. Can I pay for the unlimited Plan on-line from the U.S. If so, How do I do that?… Thanks

  15. If you use the natcom drive with unlimited plan. Just disconnect the drive for 5 mns and plug in once again.

  16. Hi Ryan. Great site with great tips. Thank you. Mezi. I want to bring an iPad to Haiti. I have an iPad First Gen with cellular (3G) and am

  17. Hi. Thanks for grat info. Will either a firstgen iPad 3G or a fifth gen 4G work with NatCom? Thr 3G is AT&T. The fifth gen has not been purchased. Thanks again.

  18. I believe that will work as others had an iPad first gen. I know for sure the iPad 2+ will work as I have configured those.

  19. Hello, great website. I just moved here to haiti 20 days ago and so far I am “paying as I go’ with very limited phone local calls like 1-2 x day, some internet but not much and 3-4 texts x day and so far I have spent like 35$ recharging the phone 5$ at the time…so I will definitely switch to a plan as suggested here. My question is: how do I know how much money I have left on my account? Is there a way to check?

  20. Good question. When you check your balance – it will also give you the amount of data left (in kilobytes – which needs to be divided by 1,000 to know how many megabytes you have left).

  21. Reason I write this I’m not satisfied with natcom .reason I put $25 us for my girlfriend able to have internet for month but natcom company still make hard on her that not right I would like to have an answer being not easy to call natcom that’s #3057313072 feel free to me please

  22. The best advice I can give you is to go to a natcom store – that is how I resolved most of my problems.

  23. hola por favor necesito su ayuda , como puedo saber mi numero de telefono de mi SIM de natcom??? espero q alguien me ayude tengo este problema no se como saber mi numero porque uso mi SIM en roaming y no tengo conmigo el resto de la tarjeta donde si debe venir el numero gracia spara quien me ayude

  24. Hi Ryan
    I am working in Minustah UN mission in Haiti.
    Just before 3 months i bought your MU 12 plan in 107$ and just i had used 1 months.
    I was receiving message in local language which i dont understand.after some day my sim data stooped to run further. I went to regional office Hinche of Natcom to know what is the problem and there i get replied that my plan changed to MI 10 which i dont know.
    And they replied there is no money in my sim to run internet of plan MI 10.
    I am not eager to change plan because i paid 107$ for one year and now i am requesting to you that could you just open my previous plan MU 12 for which i already paid more money.
    Otherwise its like cheating because i paid for one year and now i dont have neither money nor internet facility????
    Just waiting for ur positive reply
    My mobile number is: +509-41820794

  25. Sorry to hear – I do not work for Natcom. Your best bet is to go to a Natcom store and speak with a manager.

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