LG G2x Phone

I entered the world of smart phones yesterday. Took the plunge and bought a slightly used Android LG G2x. Why used? I wanted the option of being able to switch cell phone providers when my contract is up with TMO. I bought it off CraigsList a little weary about whether it would completely work or not. I also wanted to make sure to check the phone for the recent bad batch of G2x phones now emerging with screen problems. I ended up getting the phone and checked it over. Made sure to factory reset the device.

After restarting I found out that the wireless was not working! Umm… now what!?! I opened the browser and went to a bunch of sites.  Nothing worked!  Crap… it’s hardware.  Then I randomly went to my router ( Strange, it worked! What the!?! So wireless works going to a direct IP address but not to google.com. Now it’s time to google (using my computer this time 🙂 and I came across this solution on this thread which had an answer for me:

  1. Factory Reset
  2. Skip initial setup
  3. Turn on airplane mode (hold down Power button for 3 sec)
  4. Turn on Wifi
  5. Setup Google Account/Market
  6. Shutdown phone/Reboot ( Don’t know if you need this)

Bingo!  Phone working great ever since!

UPDATE:  That didn’t work completely.  The problem came back.  I ended up removing the “My Account” problem and now it actually has been working all week!  Finally… now just to wait for the Android 2.3.3 Ginger update!


This phone as a great 8mp camera and wanted to compare it against my Exilim.

Let’s compare the pictures:

G2x (Left) and the Exilim (Right)

Interesting.  This is a zoomed up picture on both the G2x and the Exilim.  The 7.2 mp Exilim point and shoot does better at brightness. This is just my first pic on the G2x so there may be some settings that could be tweaked to clean the picture up as well.  Notice though that you can almost read the words with the G2x whereas not so much with the Exilim.

Now onto rooting the phone 🙂  Maybe I can remove some of this TMO pre-installed apps.  They locked it down so you can’t uninstall without super user access.

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