Grails vs. Rails vs. Roo!?

There are some great choices out there to choose from when starting a new web development project. Whether you are just doing a simple site or starting your own business. The frameworks, very thankfully, are getting so good. Which one will manage to stand the test of time? The graph below doesn’t mean that the most trend is always going to be the highest one, especially since roo is so fresh and in the past year has been improved dramatically.

3 thoughts on “Grails vs. Rails vs. Roo!?

  1. Hello Ryan,

    You don’t need another programming language to solve the same kind problems. RoR and Grails were born due the frustration of the enterprise Java previous to JEE.
    The contribution of RoR was that it shook up Java community from its foundation and Java enterprise had to change and die. Basically as your chart is showing; RoR is losing momentum and the trend is going to accelerate now that Twitter dumped it for Java. Grails hasn’t taken-of much too. Why? because they don’t solve the original problem at all. They are like placebos. They just make you feel well… for sometime.

    On the other hand Roo is just plain enterprise Java as the Spring framework has unfold their road map.

    To have a complete chart the Roo trace should include the interest on the spring framework as well.


  2. Hello Ryan,

    Oh no a typo in my previous comment:
    It should say “Java enterprise had to change OR die”.
    My bad.


  3. Thanks for the comments. You make some good points. It’s hard to add the spring framework since spring means so many different things. I agree that it would show the interest level at a much higher level but it would take to much into account. Maybe the line would really fall somewhere in between. At any rate, it isn’t a perfect graph showing the true interest and user base but it was interesting non-the-less.

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